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Ad Campaigns: A Balancing Act

Have you got an idea, product or service that is not getting enough attention?

An ad campaign is the best route to increase awareness and profits. Ad campaigns are great for any products; from ones that have been on the market for some time to a new product or Startup. There are many different types of ad campaigns you can run, giving you the freedom to pick the one that is best suited to your needs - including digital ads, print ads, billboard ads and much more.

Figuring out your target market, or who you think will most likely purchase what you are selling is a vital first step. This can be separated into a number of key demographics including age, gender, jobs and other characteristics. Knowing this information allows you to determine the most efficient way to advertise your product.

I believe that one of the biggest benefits of an ad campaign is making your brand visible, so choosing where you want to place your ads is a key factor. For example, if a bulk of your customers are millennials it might be best to advertise through Instagram or other popular social media platforms. However, if you are going after an older target market then a popular magazine or newspaper may be your best bet.

Campaigns do not have to run on only one channel, they can be done on several. Multi-channel Ad campaigns that focus on two or more channels such as online and posters in transit stations may be most efficient for your product or service. Like most areas of business, a major component of an ad campaign is making sure it is cost effective and offers you a significant return on investment.

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Deliver simplicity in a clever way that will get consumers to see the benefit of your product.​

Most traditional forms of advertising are expensive, with TV ads ranging from $4,500 to in excess of $100,000 for a 30 second ad spot, and print ads can range from $500 to $300,000. Whereas new medias and online advertising come in at a fraction of the cost and can be just as effective. The placement of your advertisement can make or break a campaign.

Once you’ve defined your demographic and selected your channels, the next step is the actual design of the ads for the campaign. This again is affected by the audience you are trying to reach, making it important to ensure that these are aesthetically pleasing, while being bold enough to catch someone’s eye, keep their attention and cause them to take action. There must be balance and make sure you’re not being too invasive as that will push potential consumers away.

In an era with so much need for instant satisfaction and junk getting in the way, you must find a way to stand out from other ads. This can be done through the design or the addition of a promotional deal or discount that will tempt consumers to engage with your brand. It is often best to keep your message simple so as to not create confusion, but deliver simplicity in a clever way that will get consumers to see the benefit of your product.

Although including promotional offers, discounts and coupons can be a very effective, it is also important to not bombard people with them. Too much frequency with your ad will make it become repetitive and dull, but with a regular presence you’ll be able to create a lasting impact and get your message across. Resulting in you to boosting both brand awareness and profits in the most effective way possible.

Author: Cole Faulkner

Brand & Marketing Freelancer - Connect on LinkedIn

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