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Our Logo: It's So Much More Than The Letter B

We've talked about the difference between brand and branding, we shared the Brandable & Co logo creation process and now it's time to let you in on the thinking behind the logo.

Brandable & Co. exists to bring people to the forefront and to put humanness firmly at the heart of careers, companies and corporate organizations. Our work includes crafting authentic personal brands for clients around the world and loosely defined, a personal brand is a way of establishing and consistently reinforcing who we are and what we stand for in our careers and lives.

We value humanness and we view authenticity as everyone's biggest asset. Not only do we want the mark people leave on others and the world to be their legacy, we like to equip them with the tools required to amplify it, should they choose to do so. We want to help others find meaning in the work they do so that when its aligned with passion and commitment, people thrive.

When brands are built on authenticity, the true 'you' can be seen from afar, others can form genuine connections and this creates the pull for aligned opportunities to find you. Authenticity is everything to us so even the process of coming up with a simple yet recognisable logo required thinking time to reflect on what that logo needed to represent.

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Everywhere you look, you'll find integrity, meaning and a bigger purpose. Yes, everywhere. Even in the logo.

First and foremost, we're known for building brands and the primary definition of 'brand' has for many years been an identifying mark burned on with a branding iron - an identity mark that closely shares it's purpose with a logo.

Secondly, we are passionate about people and humanness. Everyone is different, nobody has the same DNA and we all have unique marks, one of which is our fingerprints. The same goes for companies, they may do or sell the same product or service but their Brand DNA will be unique because each business is built by humans who have a different collection of life experiences which have helped to form their values.

Thirdly, the B. Although we also use a typography version of the logo, the circular stamp and the standalone B versions is where the design resides. The letter B is at the centre - just B'ing! The main definition of the verb 'Be' is to exist or live and Brandable & Co exists to build living brands so the B was in the running.

To cut a long story short, our logo design has very much been influenced by three things:

Brandable & Co, Brandableandco, 99designs, logo design, logo, humanness, personal brands, personal brand

1. Brandable - the idea of a stamp or an identifying mark that you could imagine being burned on with a branding iron

2. Our fingerprint - the human body has many 'fingerprints'. We were surprised to learn that from your ears to your toes, there are many body parts that make you uniquely special from your eyes, ears and tongue to your ankles and knees. All of which can be used as a way to identify you from others in a crowd. However, from a design point of view, we chose to stick with the fingerprint itself.

3. The B - existing... living... being. Human B-ings are powered by who they are and what they value as opposed to the human doings who are more motivated by ticking things off of their list. Human Beings find meaning in their actions, connecting their passions and commitment to their efforts. The B is also how Brandable & Co starts so the combination of these things is the reason it made our top 3!

I'm sure most people look at our logo and see nothing more than a B with some lines in it but for us, it's so much more - it's our identifying mark, our fingerprint and a vital sign that our business is alive!

From a client perspective, that B with the lines in it represents a business that wants to see people, as they are. Their unique perspective. With character, stories and life experience. A business that believes imperfection is perfect - it's human and the world needs more of it.

So the next time you see our Brandable & Co logo, you may still just see a B with lines in it but when you're ready to build a personal or professional brand that honors the inner voice that's shouting 'Be Yourself'... remember our signature B and know that we're here, ready to show you how to turn authenticity into your most valuable asset!

Author: Sallee Poinsette-Nash

Founder, Brand Builder & Humanness Consultant

A big thank you to our logo designer, Ale.T at 99designs: The global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs they love. Find out more > 99designs website // Find a designer

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