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How Wikipedia Can Help Your Corporate Career

Are you looking to increase either your personal or company brand presence on the internet?

Creating a Wikipedia page may be the perfect step for you. We are using technology more and the internet has become the primary source for research. So there has never been a better time to create your own Wikipedia page – allowing you to stand out from your competition and highlight your accomplishments on the 5th most visited website in the world.

Having your own Wikipedia page will increase your business opportunities in many ways but if you’re climbing the corporate ladder and hadn’t considered it before, here are my top 3 reasons why you should:

1. Credibility

Most importantly, it gives your brand a boosted sense of credibility. Wikipedia is run by online users who can create and edit pages; however, these changes are all overseen by a board of editors to ensure accuracy. Although anyone can become an editor, Wikipedia prides itself on authenticity and has a strict and required process to be able to create a page. Getting past this process speaks highly of your brand and redirects some of that Wiki credibility towards you and your business. Furthermore, this is not seen as you talking up your brand and selling yourself as it is an unbiased, third party that is providing factual information about you.

Cole’s Top Tip: An important part of creating your own Wikipedia page is having enough reliable sources referencing your brand; that can be used as citations. Without these it is hard to get a page passed.

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2. Google Search

Wikipedia pages are always one of the first things to appear on Google Searches. Wikipedia dominates search engines, due to it being the most used online encyclopaedia and its massive amounts of user generated content. The good news is that Wikipedia’s dominance is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

3. Brand Awareness

Being at the top of search engine results will increase the traffic on your page, grow brand awareness and ultimately, increase sales. Wikipedia pages are more than just a glimpse of you, you are able to go in depth and share what you feel describes you best, as long as it’s backed by references. Furthermore, you can add pictures and other relevant information that you want to be seen. This allows you to further control your online image and provide the world with a better image of how you want to be seen.

So if you're looking your brand presence online, you may want to consider Wikipedia. Still not sure if Wikipedia is right for you, here's a bit more information.

Author: Cole Faulkner

Brand & Marketing Freelancer - Connect on LinkedIn

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