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Female Startups: NOI Christmas Market

A different Christmas Market shopping experience awaits

The Curtain, Shoreditch provides a stylish backdrop for the NOI Christmas Market where a different festive shopping experience awaits. From wellness products and travel accessories to fashion and organic beauty products, this one day event is powered by kindness, designed to empower female business owners and open to everyone.​

"When kindness is applied to business (and the festive season!) magic happens"

In the words of Seth Godin “people do not buy goods and services but relations, stories and magic” and when it comes to Christmas Markets this could truly become a mantra for all brands who have something special to share.

The NOI Club, Founded by Paola Garbini, is a community of women with projects and businesses, who are doing all they can to thrive. However, it can sometimes be difficult to reach your goals when you are not yet sure of the outcome of your efforts, when you do not have all the business knowledge you need or when you are working alone with no safety net to catch you if you fall.

When exploring the biggest challenges women have when building their ideas, a recent survey of NOI Club members revealed that an overwhelming 95% of women believed that loneliness, combined with a fear of failure, was their biggest enemy.

The NOI Club listened and built on this feedback, creating a ‘kindness culture’ within this growing community of professionals. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge, ask for help when they need it and be kind and generous with both their time and skills. The NOI Club also nurture and promote the NOI Ladies’ projects by giving them visibility and validation on a variety of platforms, which include events, webinars, one-to-one support and coaching.

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As the festive season fast approaches, it is time to give twenty of these projects a bigger stage, more space and a new audience to connect to. The NOI Christmas Market is popping up in London for one day only and founder, Paola Garbini, is on a mission to give these women and their projects a Christmas gift that they won’t forget. The event is powered by women but open to everyone and to see hundreds of people coming through the doors to show their support for these women in business is just the gift that she has in mind!

The NOI Christmas Market will take place between 11am – 7pm on Saturday 24th November, hosted by the stylish Curtain Hotel and Membership Club, Shoreditch.

A different Christmas Market shopping experience awaits: powered by kindness, designed to empower female business owners and to give you the chance to make a small business owner’s day and tick a few items off of your Christmas shopping list!

NOI Club: a global community of women with projects and businesses. Kindness Culture sets this group apart and with a dynamic, growing community of over 3,000 people, the culture of kindness can even be felt online. The community’s offering extends from the NOI Club closed Facebook group, website and newsletter to offline events designed to inspire, empower and connect. In 2017 the Club furthered it’s international reach by holding their first New York based event and in early 2018, found a permanent home in London at The Curtain Membership Club, Shoreditch.

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